yeah, about my latest ultrasound


You might remember how excited I was about my ultrasound. I was greatly looking forward to seeing the baby and getting the scoop on her size and measurements. This was going to be the last time I would see her until delivery day and it would be a great opportunity to discuss any things revealed in the ultrasound. But SADLY that was not to be!!
For starters, they had a temp ultrasound tech who did not have a clue what she was doing. It pissed me off to hear her grunting in frustration when she couldn’t get the machine to do something etc. She also managed to drop the wand and get me all lubed up in places that didn’t need jelly like my shirt and stuff. Poor lady, clearly she didn’t get familiar with her environment before getting started for the day and I paid the price! She wasn’t able to get the images uploaded so the midwife couldn’t review them with me. All i got was her approximate weight which was about 5lbs 10oz. Overall it was a pretty disappointing visit. They did a cervical exam, I’m midline which is good. I haven’t dropped yet and it’s totally closed up. So birth is not imminent. I am going to the gym and walking even if it’s incredibly uncomfortable for me. I don’t want her getting too comfortable in there!!

Overall, things are looking good. Baby is estimated to put on 1/2 lb per week, so that’s kind of inline with my estimated birth weight. I just need to sort out preregistration and my hospital bag and then let the waiting game begin!!

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