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Doing a celebratory happy dance! I completed my first ever scrapbook process video! Although far from perfect, it’s going up today. I have a lot more appreciation for all the girls who make videos. I hope I can continue to give back to this scrappy community in this way. It does take a bit of time, but it’s manageable. Not something I can do all in one sitting, but as with everything, once a routine is established it will go a lot quicker.

Here it is:


For now, it’s just a process video with no extra bells and whistles. No intro, no snazzy music… but again, something to strive for I guess. I am trying to work from a list so that I can actually accomplish some of my ‘must do’s’ and ‘want to do’s’. So far it’s working ok, but then i have a moment of looking at all my open tabs and thinking, oh right I have to do this, and I have finish that, order this, send that. Or I find things that I wrote down ages ago, and then I’m like, oops, still haven’t done that, or even “yeah right” if it seems very ambitious all of a sudden. On top of my personal goals, and my family goals/responsibilities, i have work things that i have to do. Sometimes,  it’s pretty darn overwhelming. Must remember to take a deep breath and take it all one day at a time. And above all else, be nice to myself.

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