well, hello again


I didn’t mean to leave you in la, la, land for the last few weeks. I really didn’t. Just nothing amazing has happened. Oh, except for like my birthday. But believe  me that’s small potatoes. I was actually quite busy at work last week which left my blogging life in a bit of a quandary, oh and i didn’t have anything interesting to say. I mean, I’m dieting. (My BF calls it a life style change…but look man, it’s a diet.) Anything that comes out of my mouth is just as interesting as the shit going in it.  I haven’t been as diligent in making all those South Beach diet recipes I found on Kaylin’s Kitchen. I still want to. My mouth waters when I read recipes and see pictures, but I miss convenience eating. I miss that this “life style change” will mean fast foods and drive thru’s are off limits, likely for life. Oh, say it ain’t so. How I’m going to miss my simple carbs! I guess that will change once I’m fitting into everything I used to wear. Then I’ll be like, ‘oh, no, just a salad for me’ and sound like one of those health conscious folks.

Luckily, I like working out. So things tend to move steadily once I commit to eating right and working out. It’s amazing how much weight I have gained while working at this job. I mean, there were periods of sadness and emotional eating throughout the past 8 years,  but being repeatedly fed pizza and pasta or bagels as reward for “a job well done” has taken it’s toll. If only I got paid in dollars what I’ve been paid in calories. In any case, this is what it is. Time to turn it around again. This time without a personal trainer.

On the bright side, I’ve lost 8lbs and I’m going to Cancun in 3 weeks. I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

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