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Just finished my new nightly ritual: pumping, planning and web surfing. <—- is it even called that anymore? Pumping is a good thing for me. It gives me at least an hour (if pumping both) to catch up on things like this blog, bills, and to-do lists. I had to visit my previous post to remind myself what my goals were since several scattered goal lists floating around. I was a little surprised to find that my header images have gone mysteriously missing. Wonder if it’s some issue with word press? In any case… that brings me to some unfinished business with my ‘monthly goals’. Some of those goals which are constantly floating around are related to the blog, so I guess it’s just apropos that something should go a rye and require some investigation.

But first, let’s recap this weeks goals:


Take car to be washed and detailed (Waiting until Friday for this one!) 
Call our hotel to see whether they rent beach gear/chairs/umbrellas (DONE!)
Laundry (IN PROGRESS!)
Pack for the baby (Just need to put it in the suit case and pack her toiletries)
Take car in for an oil change/service (Declined, car isn’t due for service yet, so postponed until we return)

And the last goal of the week?

Write down my monthly goals (TADAAAAA!)

Ok some of these will be ongoing goals:

Set up a couple of dinners and brunch with friends : Some of these are just for me but, at least for now, so many friends haven’t met the baby or my husband… and they are always asking.  Occasionally I can get my love to venture out but for the most part I respect that he would rather just hang out with me. In other words, he’ll do this for me occasionally so I am usually picky about whether I ask him along or not. I have at least 2 get togethers I want to sort out.

Update the blog : Style wise, this sites been the same for a few years. What can I say, it’s suited me.

Blog weekly : Baby steps… let’s keep up a weekly habit and then see if I can progress to daily.

I’m going to update this list of goals again soon. I’m drawing a blank as to what my other monthly aspirations were. In any case, better hit the hay before the little one wakes for her midnight snack.

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