weekend plans


Thanks to the forecasted “perfect weather” for this weekend we’ll be putting our annual passes to good use and spending a much needed day at Epcot!  I don’t mind playing hooky from the housework and strolling around Epcot for an afternoon. I have decided to take out the Nikon, dust it off of course, and explore the park committed to using just my 50mm lens. I wouldn’t normally take my big camera out for such an outing but having taken it on our trip to Hawaii and faced the reality that I’m out of practice, I think it’s time we reconnected a bit. I also need new pics for the site, whose layout hasn’t changed in an embarrassingly long time. Maybe this is all part of my ‘nesting’ phase. Cleaning the house, tying up loose ends, updating the site, tweaking things while my time is still my own and not least of all, shifting some of my energy into productive things. I have found myself spending a little too much of my mental energy on things that are not worth investing in right now. Too much change going on! I will revisit this topic later! But for now I’m looking forward to the sunshine, blue skies and sadly the potential boob sweat this weekend will bring.

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