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A long time ago I used to run. Not because someone was chasing me but because I was in great shape and I was dating someone who ran. I noticed that when I was on the treadmill running, my biceps showed definition, the sweat dripped through my baseball cap, and I felt fierce. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt fierce.  Now I have problems plaguing my feet, planar fasciitis, neuroma’s etc. My muscles are tight, aching from sitting long hours. I’ve been lucky to find that yoga really makes me feel good, but it’s not the hard fitness I’ve been used. I think a combination of both is probably good, without going to extremes in either direction. I want to be coached. I like being told what to do. Ok, so when it comes to fitness I like being told what to do by an expert that I pay for this advice and council. My BF is more than willing to coach me, except that he knows i won’t really listen to him. Anyways, I decided that I am going to get some training so I can get back to running again. Next training class begins in Spring. I’ll see if there are any starting at the beginning of the year as this is when most fitness endeavors begin.

Then I will finally have an excuse for all the running shoes I buy.

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