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Last weekend I embarked on creating my vision board. I know I’m a little late in the game, but truth be told you’re never really that old to start anything. I immediately went to the stack of magazines I’ve been hoarding for years and was surprised with the ease that I now began hacking away at these things, and how quickly I threw them away when I clipped out all the desired information. These had been with me quite a while, seldom referenced tomes of possibility. Well, now they had their place.

I found an article I wanted to read, so I tore it out and set it aside and went back to clipping and gluing. I noticed right away that I clearly gravitated towards words, meaning that I had a lot of clippings that either had a great quote or statement, and less visual objects like, for example: a diamond ring to symbolize marriage, or six pack abs to symbolize fitness and health etc. I know there are things I want, but not enough to clutter up my vision board (again, i’m probably failing vision board 1o1). I didn’t return to any of these magazines all week. I know what I envision isn’t really in a magazine, most of the things that lure me are on the internet :) and the things i really want to have or accomplish are internal, subconscious. This is why words are so important to my vision board, because i know my internal dialogue could use a little tuning, a little love, a little more compassion. This is also why i’m not clipping from Cosmopolitan, and I’m fishing through Oprah, or Yoga Journal, or Oxygen Mag instead. A perpetual state of inspiration, that is what I seek. What could I use to embody that on a vision board? What is a visual respresentation of inspiration? I guess I’ll know it when i see it, but words just work better for me.

Back to that article I tore out of the magazine. You must think, damn it must have been a great article for you to want to keep it. (And it was btw) I actually hadn’t read the article yet. But I knew immediately that I wanted to. It was in Oprah’s magazine, it had the title of “Write your Novel this year” or something like that. It was probably the most important thing on my vision board, or my life board since the topic was always very near and dear to me. I read the article. I needed to hear/read every word, and I need that in my head like a soundtrack every day. I highlighted it, and plan to keep it as a reminder to myself. Then came the big question, how long had this gem been sitting around in my house? I had already thrown out the magazine, but came to find the year neatly displayed at the bottom, AUGUST 2007.  That was nearly 5 years ago. (Written by Walter Mosley btw)

So, what is my big lesson here? 1. If you love words, focus on those. You are who you are, learn how you learn, and experience the world in the unique way that you experience it. 2. Not all baggage is bad! That magazine lingered around like the damn Ring in LOTR. It found its owner, it made its presence known and now I’m called to complete my mission in life. Write everyday, that is all.

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