tv land is a wasteland


Until recently I was a full-time college student, working full-time, in a full-time relationship, possessing minimal free time for galavanting in TV land. After classes ended last semester I treated myself to endless hours of xboxing (because i am nerdy like that), and caught up on NCIS and Criminal Minds episodes. Now that the thrill of watching my old favorite shows has passed, and I now catch more reruns than new episodes, I’ve started venturing to other channels. While I did have a great experience with MTV a while back, I’ve got to say what the hell do we need to leave the house for anymore? If I want to experience anything (besides the human touch of another human) I can experience it vicariously through reality TV. Do I want to have 8 babies?  or  20? Well there’s a show for that. Do I want to know what it’s like to drive a semi in an icy tundra? Covered. How about loggers? I got swamp loggers, heli-loggers and a special episode of log cabin homes. It’s all enough to make me drop a log and send it to the cable company! I guess enough people want to watch annoying guido’s from New Jersey make complete fools of themselves on not just one shore but two! Then we couldn’t have enough weight loss shows, so we became obsessed with little people too. The little couple, the little family and i guess that’s why i have developed such a small attention span. Now, we can learn about the secret lives of jockeys and that there is nothing Andrew Zimmerman will not put in his mouth. All the women we watch are either desperate or catty, of minimal class and of what appears to be low intelligence. And these are the examples for the next generation. We’ve got shows teaching us how it was made, how to build it better and how to demolish it. It seems like we need a show to teach us how to raise our kids, how to train our dogs, how to cook our dinner, and how to clean our houses. And we wonder why government seems to want to tell us how to live our lives. Isn’t this a great example of the old adage, we teach people how to treat us?

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