trimming down


I think I am like most American’s in that at any given time I have a few extra pounds I’m trying to lose. When you’ve succeeded, you’ve trimmed down. That’s really just a nice way of saying you got rid of something you didn’t want and didn’t need. We do it in business also, ‘trimming the fat’ or ‘working lean’ as you will. Trimming away the non-essential to reduce the burden. In business that always mean money, with weight that burden is on your health. I find that I accumulate a lot of stuff, some of it on purpose! It sounds unbelievable to me too.

One thing that I am working on  is trimming the fat in my life. If I had to move right now I would be paralyzed by the amount of stuff I have. Perhaps not so much the quantity of stuff, but the randomness. I read a post on the internet today about someone who left their little comfortable life in the US to do the things she wanted to do, selling everything to make it happen. I hope to someday do the same. For starters, I’m going to pare down my book collection and get rid of or sell anything that is just taking up space. Attachments are the root of suffering, I firmly believe that.

Cleaning house is always therapeutic. Sometimes we are clearing away physical things, and often emotional things. The good thing is that you always have a opportunity to begin again. If you remember that you came into this world with nothing, and you will leave this world with nothing it makes you think, why am i carrying all this baggage around?  So, in the next few months I’m going to clean house. I’m going to decide whether I’m going to continue my education and if so, where. That alone will help me determine whether I keep this collection of college papers and research materials that I have amassed over the years. If the book no longer serves me, I will donate it. If I have two of something I will donate one. If I haven’t read it, I will read it and then decide whether to keep it.

Well, that’s a small snippet of the to-do list. I don’t like clutter but I’ve been used to surrounding myself with it. I want to pare down and live simply, even if it’s hard. No more tethers for this girl.

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