totally feasible ideas for next year


Ideas for next year.. goals… projects… so many names I could use!

I want to do something consistently next year. Here are some ideas I’m thinking about:

1. Write a letter a week

2. Make a new recipe every week

3. Document all our favorite recipes in a Project Life Style 6×8 album

4. Maybe this one is ambitious but, make all of Pioneer Woman’s favorite chicken recipes? (We made her pot pie, subbing Turkey, for Thanksgiving and it was divine!) You can check them out here and see if you fancy making any for yourself, Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Chicken Recipes

A while ago I started a little blog calendar/idea notebook. I plan to use that more. I guess I will have to start carrying it around with me. Since leaving my last job I have been busier, and that’s good. Time is a valuable commodity and I’m learning to prioritize and schedule. Totally new for me! This of course means that despite all of my good intentions a lot of the things I like to do or want to do don’t end up getting done at all. Most of the time the important stuff gets done, sometimes it even gets done on time!

I also told myself that once I was employed again I would buy myself the Silhouette Cameo. I’m busy researching that and will make a decision soon. I really enjoyed making my own Christmas cards this year and totally see myself getting back to that next year. Not only is it great one on one time with my girlfriend, they are cute as hell. I believe the cards use parts of the Stampin’ Up Christmas set for this year. I briefly looked into getting some punches or what have you so I could do more of this stuff myself but dang, them’s expensive! And I don’t really have a craft room or space for too much paraphernalia. As it is, my Project Life threatens to take over whenever I sit down to work on it. But that is also getting much better. I have developed a method that works for me. I’ll post about that sometime in the next week, remind me to write that down in my notebook will you?

In any case, once I have the Cameo or the Portrait, I’ll pretty much make everything myself and this will no doubt feature as little projects along the way.

Oh and Merry Christmas to you, apparently my gift is two blog posts this week. Gosh darn it I’m so generous!


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