thoughts deep in the night



I have come across this post/quote on Pinterest before and I love it. Tonight in my middle of the night feeding it feels oh so relevant. I find myself lately responding to self-perceived criticism. What I’m actually getting are questions and suggestions, good-natured ones at that.
I find that my snappish responses are more of a response to a perceived criticism, tapping into those old feelings of inadequacy and “not good enough” and let’s face it, sometimes I don’t feel I’m good at this whole new mom gig. who is?
I better cue the compassion, for myself first of all. One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is to be kind to myself and I’ve been slacking in that department lately.
What really cued me into this awareness is simple: my husband always speaks to me with love and kindness. I have never felt judged or criticized by him. I haven’t been putting words in his mouth but I have done a fair bit of tampering with his intentions, which I am lucky to say are always born of love and kindness. I’m 99% sure I’ve done this with my mom too.

Anyways, in short: Be kind and don’t forget to practice self-love. <3 I know that when I do this I see kindness and love everywhere.

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