this afternoon, calls and unwanted mail


This afternoon I’m taking a moment to sit on the back porch. The weather is lovely, breezy and somewhere on the horizon a storm is brewing.

Work wasn’t busy and I was able to go through a few boxes and get a sense of what needs to go where. This weekend I’m hopeful I will get to put the contents in a proper location on a bookcase. All of that made my day pleasant. I wrapped up an action item from my list and I called our wedding photographer about some editing I wasn’t thrilled about. Now I have to write a detailed email. I’m not looking forward to that. The reason I have to bug him is because as I went to print my pictures I found that some would not print I’m 8×10 size without serious cropping. Seems they were edited without maintaining the aspect ratio. I told him that it seemed they cropped off arms and what have you in an effort to make me thinner. And he said, yes they do this. I find this to be such a crappy practice. I mean, it certainly ruins the composition of the pictures not to mention the quality. Anyways… The reason I got this done today is because I actually got ticked about something else!! Ha, right?
Basically I got some new hospital bill which confuses me about all those darn insurance things like, deductibles, out of pocket max and what not. All of which I have been told were met. So this bill? Well it’s not a welcomed thing!!

I need wine!

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