things I will (not) do today

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Today I will not focus on my job and all the things it doesn’t provide me. I will focus instead on all the possibilities in my life and the things that are made possible by my job and be glad for all the things I don’t worry about because I have job and I am healthy. This is a departure from my typical longings but I must believe that the material will never grant me true happiness and the secret to happiness is to focus on the happiness of every situation. Today I will focus on the things I have, material and immaterial, which make my life easier, less worrisome, and comfortable. I will not waste time self-loathing, or complaining. I will not focus my energies on non-constructive criticisms. I will look around and be appreciative. I will accept that this is not my destiny, but I will also own that my destiny is in my hands and take steps to put myself on the right path. And when the day is done I will be happy to still be alive, to be blessed with family and friends and good health and a capable mind. Tomorrow I will do more of the same.

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