things i haven’t gotten around to lately…


I could write this post in several parts since I’m sure there are MANY things I haven’t gotten around to in the last few weeks, but today the only one I’m focusing on is: READING.

I’m having second thoughts about the middle name we picked for the baby. Naturally this means that I must surf the internet for inspiration. When you surf the internet for inspiration you come across lists of books by women authors, and when you read these lists you remember that you love to read, when you remember that you love to read you realize that you haven’t relaxed with a proper book in a while. This is my note to self to read more whilst I can!

Here is the link to the list of books I found online, enough of which seemed rather promising. 50 Books by Female Authors

Let’s see, in further pregnancy news I’m 7.5 months. I’m still taking the stairs at work (only 1 flight, so not that impressive), I’m still going to the gym with the hubs. I whine about it considerably more than before but for the most part I am glad I am going. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I wasn’t maintaining my strength somehow. I have to start making a list of things we’ll need come delivery date. It’s been easy to get stuck in this, let me buy cute baby clothes phase but the reality is that I need to make sure I have all the essentials ready for us to go to the hospital when the time comes. We need to figure out what exactly to do with the dogs to get them ready for the baby. Anyways, this isn’t the first time i post about the huge to do list which is looming over us and I guess it probably won’t be the last. If anything they are just small details that I don’t want to slip through the cracks while we tackle major items like, finishing some of the home improvement projects we have going on.

10 weeks seems like a long time… but really, that’s only MAX 5 weekends… (might be more or less, I have poor math skillz)!!


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