the year of the doctor


This year I have been completely taken over taken by both health issues and health plans. Chief among this years health issues/complaints has been my issues with my foot pain/Morton’s Neuroma. I finally have surgery scheduled for the end of the year and I’m nervous but excited by the prospects of being done with this foot pain. In celebration of having a successful talk with my boss about the 3 weeks I will be off of work I will commence with my list of things I look forward to doing once I’m pain free:

  • Riding a bicycle
  • Yoga
  • Walking through the mall/Disney/Ikea
  • Dancing
  • Wearing heels (modest ones this time!)
  • Being able to walk barefoot (not sure if this one’s going to be possible, but a girl can dream right?)
  • Wearing shoes besides sneakers!
  • Being able to walk down the stairs at a normal pace and not like a an elderly woman
I think this is good list for now. I’m not sure what else to add because most of my annoyance comes from walking or standing too long and having to dress up for occasions like weddings and funerals and not knowing what shoes to wear. I’ll be happy that I will soon not have to give that so much thought. It’s made me feel old. This surgery will be the last ‘new’ thing I do in 2011. My first surgery ever. I think 33 years without needing serious medical care is a pretty good record. Now, to live the rest of my life mindful of my health and body so I can treat it right for many more years to come.

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