the week so far



This week marks little O’s first week week in daycare. So far, as far as we’re told, she loves it. It was very hard at first to be without her all day and dealing with the reality that our night time routine really doesn’t allow for that much cuddle time. I guess i finally understand why weekends are considered ‘family’ time for so many. In fact, just add that to a long growing list of things called I finally understand. I sense  new hashtag in my future.

This also marks my official return to work week. Two months ago while I was getting used to a little human needing my 24/7 the idea of being at work seemed like heaven. I assure you, it’s overrated. And the timing, well you know, the baby is getting super cute and way more interactive and now I have to leave her! ugh. That parts tough, i can’t even lie. On the bright side, I’m working from home and managing to get a lot done. I feel like I’m finally getting to do some of the ‘nesting’ that I was supposed to do in my last trimester. It’s way easier to do now that I’m not lugging 50 lbs of extra weight, and wobbling around on swollen feet and ankles.  I have never been good at finishing things in a timely manner, but let me tell you having a baby really has shifted things around for me. And what’s crazy? I love it! Who knew. Even though life now has more chores than ever, I do really like crossing things off my list.

I am trying to get into the swing of things in my office upstairs. I had been camping out downstairs for the last 4 months and things had gotten a little unkempt. Once I’m finished I’ll get back to the goal lists I have scattered all over and provide an update. I started gathering up the blog goals and I’m now on the hunt for this spare moleskin I have so I can keep track of all that in one place. Hope I find it soon! In any case, I see projects everywhere and it really gets me excited. I’ll update you soon on how things are going!

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