the truth and other lies we tell ourselves


When I’m working harder than someone else, faster even, more efficiently, first I’m proud of myself (cue peacock), then I’m like WTF dood step it up. If I tapped my foot waiting impatiently for someone else to do something or catch up with me, I’d be tapping a long time, getting more impatient, steaming hotter than your latte and ironically I would turn out to be even less productive than said person. Ironic huh? Waiting for someone else to catch up, do their fair share, step it up or whatever it is you want to call it, just back fires. We tell ourselves, ooh this person is so lazy, or ooh this person is slacking, or ooh look at me, (cue comparison trap), look at the numbers!

What we fail to tell ourselves a midst all this fairytelling hooplah, is that it doesn’t matter what this person does, it doesn’t matter what you perceive them to be doing, you just need to focus on you. They may be slacking, or they may have a problem that they haven’t shared yet.  Perception is not fact. If you behave like it is, you will surely make an ass out of yourself.  That being said, try to be as transparent as you can and if you really notice someone not pulling their weight, don’t play games. Tell the right people and then go about your business.


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