the things i carry


Everyday I carry the same things with my to the office: My headphones and my Kindle. I use the heck out of these headphones and I’m proud to say,  i scored a major deal when i ordered them. I paid $218 and I recommended them to lots of my work peeps, but the price is now about $300. They’re the Sennheiser PXC 450. Love ’em. I go through the battery pretty quickly but I use the noise cancelling feature all the time. It’s an absolute must considering my work situation. 

The other item I carry around with me is my Kindle. And it rarely gets any love. I haven’t really fallen out of love with it but I haven’t loaded a book on it in a LONG time. I last purchased a book for it a few months ago and haven’t gotten around to reading it. I love to read but I find it hard to sit down and do so on a regular basis. It seems the only place I have an opportunity to read uninterrupted is when I’m at work, at lunch obviously. That’s only an hours worth, mind you. I have a few books on my shelf that I have been meaning to read for some time. One such book is the Autobiography of Alice B. Tolkas by Gertrude Stein. I have it at my office now so that I always have something to read. I was reading most of my books on the kindle app of my ipad but by the time we make it to bed my love is craving for lights out and it’s not long before my books are watching me, if you know what I mean. 

Aside from scheduling a little reading, I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. Hubs is always saying to me that I have to schedule the things I want to do. I am always fighting this. Schedule = very regimented and boring in my opinion and i’m more of a by the seat of my pants kinda gal. But I suppose, i should give it a go if I plan to get back in touch with my literature loving side. The ideal conditions don’t seem to present themselves often: alone in a quiet house. I’m pretty sure that’s a distant memory. Better learn to read under different conditions haha. Or read whilst wearing my headphones! bahahah

Right now, the scrappy, project life side of me is taking a lot of my free time. Eventually I will get more efficient at it and it will take me less time to accomplish the same things. I guess it’s all about finding my creative style. For now, I’m still sampling inspiration from youtube videos and such. I catch a few videos when I’m driving since it’s a way to relax during my 45 minute drive (2x a day). If I read at lunch, that could be a nice balance. The other thing i need to find some time for is to 1. charge my old Iphone 2. Put some cool playlists on it 3. Add a few walking meditations (maybe?) and 4. set a silent alarm on my fitbit for 5 AM. If I can score a 30 minute walk before work I think it will be a good thing.

I think i’ll get started on this tonight, find and charge old iphone (an Ipod would probably be lighter and better, but I don’t have one of those). I have copied my entire itunes library onto our SAN since i hardly used my music library, so the next parts would be a bit harder. I guess I could just use my own Iphone and possibly a meditation audio book? Hmm… let’s see what’s out there!

Those are the musings of my head right now. I was picking out books for my nieces Christmas presents and then of course, i distracted myself. Can’t be helped! 

Oh I should probably recap Thanksgiving, but I’ll get to that tomorrow when I have had a chance to pick a few pics to share. 

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