the new year


So far this year I’m working on getting healthy. It’s been going really great so far! I’m really happy, I’m motivated and I feel like I have really good support.

I can’t even say that it’s not easy! With a little planning and preparation I haven’t starved and I have always had something healthy to eat. I got back into the gym with a fitness plan, a schedule I’m following closely and eating really clean. I already feel like things are happening, my skin for one has gotten clearer. I have upped my water intake from the previous negligible amount to 3 liters a day. It makes me happy. I know I’m getting exactly what I need, plus more!

This isn’t a new years resolution. It’s me getting my life back and feeling great again.

But anyways, for the rest just back to work and the daily grind but it’s really so great to actively be working on my health. I did so great on the inside, now just making my insides and my outsides match!

Other than that, I’m just happy to live every day. It’s an opportunity denied to many! And sooo grateful!

I will keep you posted on my progress. Hope it helps someone!

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