The mind is working at a furious pace


I don’t know how many almost posts I’ve written in my head this past weekend but sadly none of them have been written down. So instead I’m going to start one big post and add my snaps in later.

First off, it’s been a great memorial weekend! I convinced my hubby to ditch work for a day and spend it pool side with friends. It was just what we needed! I know I really enjoy my leisure time! Probably too much so, hehe. We spent a great afternoon together and had a wonderful dinner. By the time we got home we were both exhausted and crashed right away. I guess beers for him and pregnancy for me gets our batteries depleted at about the same pace.

We have spent the rest of the weekend working mostly but our projects are on a lot smaller scale. This is great because it takes less time to feel like we’ve accomplished something, the house is only turned upside down for a short period, and the minor changes we’ve made have really made a big difference in how things look. We are constantly proud of our ever changing home. And of course I am so proud to have such a wonderful husband, one who is dedicated to taking care of himself, his home and his family. Our baby girl will surely have a great example of what a good man is like!!

Things we have accomplished around the house:

  • Spackled/patched the kitchen walls
  • Painted the kitchen
  • Replaced the panels for the light fixture
  • Replaced all the switches and outlets
  • (I hung one picture, because I am amazing! I may get to the rest today.

I finally decided to get started with project life. I went to Michael’s yesterday and while talking shop with another customer I was quickly informed about the mobile app and was well on my way to enjoying 75% off all my project life stuff! Of course with that type of discount I may have gone a wee bit overboard. But I figure I can just return it later. I bought 3 albums, 3 or 4 core kits and 2 or 3 packages of inserts. Today I spent a little time trying to get my photo library rearranged. I’m starting small and updating keywords as I upload. I have been trying to pick a photo printer but can’t seem to make a decision on that. I’ve been reading project life related blogs to get an idea if what other people find useful but so far none of the options have really wowed me. I have an Epson printer now, it has a rather large footprint, no wireless capability, and the cartridges are expensive. Not to mention they tend to dry out when not used for a while. I can’t remember if I was really happy with the print quality since I printed rather infrequently. Overall, I’m excited to start this hobby. I love creative pursuits like this but often lose confidence/patience in my creative skills. I am hoping practice makes perfect and that I will get some inspiration from my beloved and his abundance of stick-to-it-iveness. Anyways I could probably write an entire post about ways I was creatively thwarted in my childhood but I will save it for later. For now, I will just try and make up for lost time and give it a go. I am really excited about it though!

We made time for a little date night and saw the latest X-men movie and enjoyed some fish and chips. This is one of my favorite date nights because it’s easy, casual and never disappointing. I do miss enjoying some beers but I guess the time will come eventually!

For the rest we have some time left this afternoon to fill however we like. It’s been a great weekend. We only have a few left before we become a family of three. I’m excited to see what our weekends will be like when we are toting a little baby everywhere. I guess we will soon see!!

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