the internet always tells me what to do…


So, I finished “Dear John” and as I suspected I was jerked around emotionally and in the end, disappointed. I know it couldn’t end any other way, but *sniff* I like my happy endings… wait. That came out wrong. Anyways, you know what I mean. I did enjoy the book, it was well written, well thought out and another success for Nicholas Sparks. That guy just seems to knock ’em out of the park! I didn’t enjoy the movie all that much. The book took more time to flesh things out… the movie changed too many details. Overall, I am glad I read the book first. Once I finished it, (grieving for John/mad at the world), I went browsing through Amazon for my next reads. Now, for someone who loves to read and loves to writes, I don’t spend nearly enough time following up with modern writers. When I go searching for a book I rely on best seller lists or “lists” in general. I judge a book by it’s cover, by it’s description and by it’s review. Next on my reading list:

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