the festivities


Celebrated my birthday this weekend. Still convinced there is nothing better than spending several hours perusing antique shops with friends. It was in fact the best birthday ever, though seeing Chris Isaak that one year may still edge it out just a bit. (Only cuz I touched Chris Isaak!!)  I’m not the kind of girl who creates a big stir for my birthday or insists that everyone know about it. When my friends A and L asked me what I was doing for the occasion the answer was the same as always, “nothing what are we doing?” The girls made me delicious cupcakes, SHEEP cupcakes no less! They were the cutest things ever!  Lucky me! Photo’s coming soon…

Speaking of photo’s… discovered that my computer is running low on disk space. That’s what 48+GB of Pictures will do to you.  I have to find a solution. Purging could take a while and I’m not really a fan.

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