technology happens


I’m random. Yesterday it was MTV marathon’s a few weeks ago it was an existentialist crisis of my life as a writer and today I’m continuing my maniacal tirade against all things technology. Could it be because my laptops core temperature is now 200 degrees? Could it be because my laptop battery went bad and bowed out like the birthing of a cyborg? Maybe. Today I had to get my car looked at, it needed a little love on the rear fender. My car and another car just got a little too close one day and now it’s going to cost me $800 bucks. And my car needs to be mowed. I’m a tech junky who is unable to fund her high. Gadgets, and lot’s of ’em. The desk looks like this, panning from left to right:  (Back row)Paper shredder, photo printer,charging station (nothing in it), battery charger, wireless headset for the computer, laptop with external mouse and keyboard(work ), 24inch monitor, NeatReceipts scanner, Seagate external drive, Airport extreme base station; (Front Row) Macbook Pro 17 inch w/ external mouse and keyboard (home). My laser printer is not currently on my desk, but it wants to be sometimes. It gets real lonely.  So, as you can see adding anything to my desk is going to be a problem. But i really need…. something to cool my laptop, ASAP. If you start smelling bacon it’s time for me to take a break from the computer.

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