Sunday, bloody Sunday


Today, more than any other day, I am sure that I want to do the garage conversion. Today is not like other days, you see. Alas, today is Sunday a day reserved for cleaning (which, didn’t happen today), and football. We didn’t get to clean the house today before 1PM and all bets, promises, plans, went out the window. For now, I am once again a football widow. Every Sunday I am left to find my own entertainment, without a TV, since we only have the 1. It’s not a new thing for me in our 3 years of dating, but it is the first football season of our cohabitation. It is also the first time I play step mom 24/7, and the first time I’m outnumbered 2 to 1. And this is why my garage conversion can’t wait. My relationship depends on it! (drama, drama, drama)

Well, all of the above maybe true but this Sunday is extra tough because we had a leak in the roof over the weekend. To make matters worse, the leak was dripping through a light fixture so we decided to switch the breaker off, which killed the room with the cable box, which killed the internet. And without a splitter it was either my internet or the foot ball on TV. So, now I am in bed tethered to the internet with my iphone, loving the technology Gods. Oh, and completely convinced that I need that garage conversion. And I need nights with wine and girly TV reruns. It’s been an unreasonable amount of time since I’ve spent my free time with anyone with a vagina. I feel a little strange making my “man” cave, but I know that if I don’t I won’t have a place for my mini fridge or a place to hide the tasty OJ.



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