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Last week we made our appointment to meet the builder, so naturally we went out to the property last weekend in the hopes that there would be something to see, perhaps a mound of dirt was cleared or moved. (YES, even a pile of dirt would have been VERY exciting for us!) They hadn’t actually moved any dirt but they did put some stakes in the ground which put us through the roof (if we actually had a roof, that is!)! Basically it was about 8 or 9 stakes, hubby speculates that these are for the foundation as there were four at each corner of the house plus one in the center. The other stakes make the property line. We stood and stared out at our kingdom and we were so excited. Little sticks in the ground mark the ground where the little lady will grow up, where we will celebrate the holidays this year, and many years to come. We picked a good lot.

Today, hubby is at the meet the builder appointment. It’s going on now so I don’t have any updates except for a picture.

Here is the latest update, OUR SIGN! I’m gonna hug you, and love you and keep you forever.


This is the view look out to what will be the front of our property. You can see the property stakes out near the the stack of pallets and next to that other car. I’m kinda of standing at the back of the house/foundation stake. So in the middle you see the center stake and kind of near the front passenger door of the white car you can see the front foundation stake.


This next pic the view from the back of the house. While we don’t officially face the lake 100% we do get a lovely view from our elevation as you can see here. Since it was getting dark and it was cold we didn’t say out too long. I’m sure there will be plenty of pictures of the back of place in the future. For now, here’s what we got: Lake views (you can see the stake for the property line, and what looks like a giant spider on the left by the fence (it’s actually just a felled tree). Basically we don’t have any rear neighbors. The rest of the view not pictured to the right is, a retention pond area, which is actually just a nice green grassy area, and some conservation area. In the far distance, past the retention pond, we once spotted some folks trotting around on horseback. To say this place is peaceful and gorgeous would be a severe understatement.


This final picture isn’t much different than the other ‘front’ view, it’s just a better perspective. It’s going to be the view we see from our front porch once it’s finished. It’s the view we will see when sit there in the afternoon or early evening with a glass of wine, when we watch the little lady bike down the sidewalk, it hides the park where we will play on Sunday mornings and where the little lady will make friends in the neighborhood. I’ll never get tired of this view.


The future’s so exciting. Even though we are tightening our belts now it will all be worth it in the end.

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