spring cleaning


Back again from our mini vacation! It’s been a fairly crazy past two weeks and I’m trying to do some housekeeping! Both in real life and in blog life.

One thing that needs some attention is this blog. Not sure what kind of refresh I’m going to give it, but I know I am going to try and use Evernote to track and plan my ideas. Seems they tend to get written down and then stashed in a purse never to be seen or heard from again. Never a good thing. Many lipsticks have suffered this fate as well. In any case, spring cleaning/housekeeping however you want to call it, I’ll be doing more of that. 

Hubs always tells me to write things down to make sure i get things done and I have tried this, not always very successfully. I saw something on bloglovin’ about using evernote. All the guys at work swear by it for tracking their notes on work stuff, products, defects etc. and I think it’s worth exploring. We are getting further and further away from writing things down, and the idea of having access to things from multiple devices etc. means I’ll never lose an idea because i don’t have whatever applicable notebook etc. I still love the old fashioned pen and paper approach and will still do that, but I can put that in Evernote too. So we’ll see how it goes. 

I’ll have to do a proper post about our trip to Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was wonderful! (mostly!!)

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