some highlights from Thanksgiving


I had the crazy idea to cook for the whole family this Thanksgiving. Let me tell you it was quite the undertaking! But since I love to please people and my hubby loves to cook it all turned out very well in the end. Part of me was just super excited to wow the family in our brand new house and I guess the other part wanted culinary control. Last year hubby prepared the Turkey in our old house and we celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of 3. It was quiet and private and it was perfect. This year I wanted to make the turkey because I made one a long time ago which was a huge hit. My hubs and I joined forces, he brined the bird over night and I prepared the herb butter and slathered that bird inside and out. We didn’t open the oven for at least 4 hours and then only towards the end when we were waiting for the family to arrive.

One of the best things though, was the gravy! Hubs started that over night. I think he followed the Pioneer Woman recipe and made homemade stock and it was delectable. This Thanksgiving will certainly go down in the annals of all Thanksgiving meals. We kind of split the menu down the middle. I made the sweet potato’s and the cranberry sauce and for dessert I made my Dutch Apple pie.  Hubby made the gravy, greenbeans, and for dessert a Cheesecake. The family wanted to contribute also, and so we delegated out the tasks of stuffing and mashed potatoes. My sister makes this really yummy corn casserole that I love. And I almost forgot, hubby made an addition Cuban style pot roast. There was soooo much food. It was wonderful.

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