Hello World! I’m back again! I unplugged for a blissful week(ish) in Playa del Carmen Mexico for what was possibly the best wedding ever! My dearest Schmidt is now a married woman and I was only asked the infamous “when are you getting married?” once. I’m glad i didn’t to constantly answer to that one. In any case, I have come back from 4 amazing days in the Mexican sun. I’m so brown my nieces and nephews were asking my why i was so black. I took the luxury of spending a little QT with my best friend and got more sun and a few good meals without the childrens. Even if it was for just 2 meals,  it was nice to get my friend to myself and discuss life and such. When someone knows you as well as we know each other it’s important to sit down every now and then and be cheered, pepped, and inspired again. Not to mention the occasional venting and nagging that go along with these friendship sessions. Anyways, I thank my best friend for inspiring me to try, to go beyond my fear, to challenge myself and remind me that my happy place is not within any comfort zone. Happiness lies just beyond my comfort zone. Comfort does not equal happy. This realization was so transformative and yet so simple.  I’ve never been one for mediocre, but through the years I’ve relied on the steadfast embrace of comfort. And where has it gotten me? Fashion wise: In stretchy capri pants, floral t-shirt, and crocs.  Professionally: a stagnant but steady paycheck, with no serious responsibility and zero authority.  The point is, I’m either going to coast, or soar and it’s time to freaking soar. I may flap around and I may nose dive and maybe i have to coast a little bit until I get used to things but auto pilot, is never the objective.  I’m not even sure why I went with the bird analogy. But, let’s go with it shall we?   Perhaps it is a bit late in the year for ‘resolutions’ or ‘word of the year’ but if I had to pick one it would be SOAR.   Now, on to working on my photography project and getting my three chairs studio off the ground. It’s been a long time incubating and there is no time like the present. Wish me luck! If you have some inspiration/motivational books you can recommend please leave a comment or message me on twitter.  I’m trying stay positive and could use cheerleaders!


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