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Recently I made the fool-hearty mistake of asking my  boyfriend what to do about my job. Just like I expected, he replied simply: change your attitude. It’s not beyond me to get crushed by this brutal dose of reality, but I didn’t.  My question is how? How do you change the way you think and feel about something, about a place, or a situation? Part of me thinks that it begins with a new thought, and then the reinforcement of that new thought until it becomes the main thought. Consistency is probably key with this method, something I lack unfortunately.  This comes so easily for some people, fortunately I am dating one of those people. <3

The boyfriend also told me to think of some good things about my job… I drew a blank instantly of course, and then gradually confirmed that my paycheck is the highlight of my job.  Payment is always a perk to any job, but it annoys me that it’s the only thing positive thing that comes to mind regarding my job. I sit by a window. I have a 15 minute commute. Er, uhm, my mind is blank again. I guess, I get to spend a lot of time on the internet while I’m at work, providing me with endless blog-hunting fun. Definitely a good thing!

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