shhhh, baby sleeping


I could probably create a whole series of posts with this title, since in all honest I’m more likely to write posts while the little one catches a few winks. Right now I wanted to take a minute and write down some goals for this week and cross off a few from a previous todo list:

To Do:
Cook dinner twice (don’t be jealous ladies! I married a wonderful man who is an exceptional cook!). Currently planning for pioneer woman spicy Dr. Pepper ribs and something with SPAM. It might have a bad reputation, but we love it and it reminds us of Hawaii.
Bake something Not sure what yet, but we sometimes get the urge for desert and rarely have anything around. I’ve also been tempted to try my hand at some bread, like a focaccia or something. We shall see!
Hang my stairway photo gallery I don’t want to admit how long I’ve had this project on my plate as a work in progress, but suffice to say I feel really close and aim to get it done this week. We’ve decided to stick to Hawaii/wedding pictures. Even though we have a baby now, we can put picture of her elsewhere or later, no rush.
Call our wedding photographer This has been on my plate for a while too. I thought I could live with it but I can’t. Some of our pictures were cropped weird, without maintaining the aspect ratio. While working on my photo project I found I couldn’t print some images without serious cropping. For instance, there is a portrait shot of myself but when I try to make it an 8×10, it crops either the top of my head or my dress, which makes me appear topless. Anyways, it’s long overdue.
Make doctors appointments Seems this is going to be an ongoing to do item from here on out. Baby needs her shots, and mommy needs to ensure she stays an only child.
Other boring adult stuff Like… Pay some bills or rather not pay the. One of the good things about a large medical expense like pregnancy and childbirth is that I have met my deductible for the year. Woot woot! This means no more medical bills this year! This also means, I gotta call so e offices and tell the to check with my insurance company. This will be annoying because drs offices tend to keep you on hold for ages.

And as a side note, I would like to do something fun this week. Fun like, not task/project oriented. Not sure what just yet. Maybe a pedicure would be a good start.

We’ve planned a small road trip for September, Myrtle beach here we come! This is our first getaway with our little one. I have no idea how this will go but I’m sure everyone will do just fine. Now, to purge my closet again and find some new clothes…

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