sensory overload (aka paralysis)


A while ago I purchased my Nikon D90, as you may recall, this was a momentous occasion for me. I have taken a few pics with it, but nothing that I would consider artsy. While I did get my photo’s imported into Aperture, I realized that 2GB of RAM wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Not to mention that it’s gonna take a million years to process the 9,800 pictures that I have in my library. Now I have to purge some photo’s, upgrade my RAM, and then plan a little photography outing.

Fortunately, the web provides endless resources for photography tips and if you’re lucky you will try some of these so called “hacks”.  I am a little self-conscious at the moment so I will not be the own with a backing pan attached to my camera. Maybe later, after I have built up some confidence I’ll try some of these tricks: DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers

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