If I wasn’t so prone to forgetfulness I would buy a little espresso maker and brew some magic. This magic could ensure that I stay awake and diligently working away on projects that I cast aside with too much ease. Brushing up on my php would get crossed off my to do list, as would the tidying up of my desk, and the putting away of my clothes, and the cleaning out of my closet.  Heck, I can’t even write in the active voice let alone be active enough to accomplish these things. Coffee doesn’t really keep me up at night. In fact, nothing really keeps me up at night like a strenuous work out at the gym. Hmm, I’ll have to think about that. Think of all I’d accomplish. One thing at a time, is that the way it’s done? Seems like it’s always the wrong things for me. Tonight I will clear off the dining room table and make it look pretty (again). It’s been a dumping ground for a while. I tend to sprawl.  If there is anything I learn from my favorite site it’s that cleanliness and orderly-ness are the keys to a fantastic space. My house is trying to get it’s act together, but I have A.D.D. and my style/organization/motivation/inspiration tends to suffer because of it.  I get ideas, and falter on implementation or am fearful of the end result/of messing it up. Right now I’m trying not kill my indoor plants and the idea of a garden lures me but I doubt my abilities.

I kind of struggle with knowing what my strong points are and narrowing the topics in which I excel.  Too bad I’m not good at everything I like. It would make life easier. I suppose the only way to be good at something is to live it and breathe it. Guess I like too many things. Writing, reading, eating, cooking, gardening, technology, design,  photography; which one shall prevail and claim my psyche forever?  I suppose if I sacrificed a little more sleep I could get more done? How come sacrificing sleep is so hard on me?  How do my favorite bloggers do it? They seem so naturally good at everything. I lack perspective here, I know. But it’s my blog and I can whine if i want to.  :)

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