My love returns to me this evening. I am so glad! Tonight while preparing to curl up with a book before bed I took a peek inside my drawer where I keep my books and notebooks and laughed my ass off to see a gift from my darling. You see we love to play little pranks on each other. They are absolutely silly, but they make me feel so completely blessed that this man I love so much fills my life with so much laughter. I am one lucky girl indeed.

But anyways, I was in my drawer when I picked up my notebook and flipped open to a poem I’d written a little over a year ago. It was dated 1-13-13. (I like to date my poetry so I remember exactly what was going on at the time)

I fell in love

I don’t say it
But my kiss betrays me
I can’t get enough.

I’m in love
It almost feels like
The first time.

It feels like the last time.

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