resistance is futile


OK, I’ll admit it. I’m slow. When something cool comes out, I don’t rush off after it like a lemming. It makes me feel empowered, like I’m not one of the millions of consumers out there, driven to buy for the endorphin rush. Don’t get me wrong, I lust after the shiny things, I do. But then there are other cool things that I shrug off, in that I’m too cool for you kind of way. *cue SVU music*  These are their stories.

  • Pandora  Ok, this goes without saying, anything that feeds you more cool shit based on shit you already find cool,well that’s some cool shit. I rarely listen to the radio. I hate commercials, I resist advertising and as a result I miss out on cool music. I also tend to feel WAY older than I am and purchase greatest hits collections. I’m so slow… I only have one station at present. Adele. <3 you.
  • Pinterest I’m not too far behind the curve on this one. As soon as I found out about it I was in love. When I lay in bed at night to the sound of the boys playing on the XBOX, I can be soothed by style inspirations by both people I follow and popular posts. It’s like an endless stream of inspiration.
I’ve got a few other things that are on my list of ‘technology I avoid out of fear of it’s addictive properties’ chief among them is the Ipad. Oh sure it’s groovy now with it’s shiny screen, convenient portability but when it ousts all my other tech gear and becomes numero uno, there will be blood (and elbow room!). All my future amazing finds will have to be on the internet. There is simply no more room on my night stand. I’ll scour the web for more cool so you can get some work done. It’s a small sacrifice, but I’m happy to do it.

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