recap on a busy week


Hi again! I’ve only just barely recovered from another busy week only to have Monday breathing down my neck. Gawd don’t you just hate that? Since I’m not even sure whether i got the chance to post last week let’s recap my week:

  • Worked 5 days with one less person, resulting in massive migraines and end of day drudgery
  • Had unpleasant but necessary conversations with my love bird just before Valentine’s day.
  • Booked my travel for work (2 days across the country in Oregon, then fly back and cruise to the Bahamas, what fun awaits me this week!)
  • Paid a mountain of small but annoying bills
  • Did ALL the friggin’ laundry
  • Finally went on a date night (i used to think these were just for married people with kids, but I realize every relationship needs this QT)
  • Resumed my Saturday morning Yoga practice (was surprised by my bodies flexibility despite the 2 or 3 month break)
  • Had lunch with friends at Cheesecake
  • Took a nap
  • Camped out on the couch with friends watching House Hunters and America’s Funniest Home Videos


And now, here we are!! How nice is that?

Sunday mornings are my favorite: quiet (as long as everyone else is sleeping), just me and my books or blog, tea, and overall luxuriously lazy. Now, let us have a moment of silence for last week.

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