reasons i love my husband #60983097367


First of all there are a million reasons why I love my husband, being able to laugh until my belly shakes is one of them.

Check out our conversation from last night, with some context from me of course.

We have been busy discussing house plans etc. and sorting through our budget and my debt pay down. Which highlights how inept I am at all things mathematical. Later, we were watching some home improvement show and were trying to guess the ethnicity of the guy on the show, which I guessed was somewhere in Central America, then I proceeded to suggest countries that were NOT in Central America which prompted this:

Me: “Well I guess that makes two subjects I am no good at. Math and Geography”

Hubs: “Well what subject are you good at?

Me: “Lunch.”

It was both hilarious and true. LOL Made us crack up so much last night, and I’m still laughing about it now. My sweet hubs. Always cracking up with me. Best Friend for life!



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