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Have you noticed a trend among the blog sites you visit? I have. The ones I really enjoy have a clear sense of purpose and vision. I don’t get confused when I visit them, I know exactly what to expect. In comparison (since that is what I am good for), my site seems to feed off the randomness in my brain. It’s part personal journey, self-growth/self-awareness, and inspirational things I find on the internet. To some degree I hope to share the things I find and enjoy/envy with the rest of the people. And just like misery loves company I firmly believe that so does personal growth. If you’re in a place in life where you are reflecting on the life you’ve lived, or where you want to go, and you don’t have the answers, and you like to think out loud, then this is the blog for you. This is the way I approach the world: Out loud. So, random is just my natural way. I experience the world as it comes to me, trying not to stay stuck too long on any one idea because it’s best to keep moving forward. What I don’t know for certain now will be made clear to me later, when I am ready to understand.  So, this isn’t a blog about food, or gardening or photography or even style and design. Although I do love all those things, this is a blog about me and how I approach the world,  how I experience it and the questions it brings me.  I used to hate questions, but really what scared me was not knowing the right answer. I accept that I do not know the answer, and I trust that the answers will be made known when the time is right.

The eternal burning question is, “what am I supposed to be doing with my life?” No doubt the answer, in it’s simplest form, is obvious: LIVE IT. So, even though I’m not in a fulfilling field I must find a way to do things that fulfill me. Because I can’t expect my job to meet all of my needs. It can only provide so much for me right now, I am responsible to fill in the gaps. It’s never good to expect your happiness to come from an external place. I read it, I believe it, but I seldom put that into practice.  I’ve been bashing my brains thinking about ‘being happy at work’ etc. and the fact is, I’m happy with life. I have to stop thinking about work as keeping me from happiness. In fact it creates a lot of happiness, it affords me my house, it pays my bills, it sends me on vacation, it keeps my healthcare taken care of, and it gives me a chance to make things better. And while it’s not the most fulfilling field for me it is allowing me to pay down debts and is actually buying me financial freedom. So if you don’t like how your feeling about something, change the way you think about it. It won’t be easy but how you think about things really changes how you feel about them. You control your happiness.

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