purge meets purgatory


I imported a bunch of photo’s into Iphoto today. I couldn’t take the sub-par performance from Aperture and have decided to keep Aperture only for my “professional” work or more involved editing.  As this was also a great  opportunity to delete the less than perfect photo’s I just started purging away.  I can’t seem to purge enough out of my library, which is now busting at the seams with over 9,000 photos.  After my attention span took a siesta, I looked around my desk and decided it needed a good purging as well. Don’t know why I’m keeping the Easter card someone sent me 3 years ago, or when exactly I plan to read “America’s Most Scenic Drives- On the Nations Highway’s” much less why both are still on my desk.

Purging is a lot like the biblical purgatory, a state of  “does this stay or does it go.” I find that it’s easier to purge when things are pissing me off, or encroaching, or when I keep crossing path’s with the same, notepad, book or trinket. The more I see the things I don’t want to see anymore, the more likely I am to dispose of these objects.  I keep saying that I am going to clean my office, but I don’t spend enough time here to really care what it looks like. Right now I’m working from home and have spent the last 6 hours in here and there is no time like the present to deal with this crap. Why does it plague me so?

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