public vs. private

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For the most part I am an anonymous blogger. Sometimes I tweet, but my “tweets” are protected. I got burned once by the internet and have been operating in stealth mode ever since. But, the reality is this: no matter who you don’t want to find you, if they want to find you, they will. Whatever you’re hiding from probably isn’t that big of a deal anyway. And anything that is worth saying, is worth hearing. So if it’s not worth hearing, don’t say it. I guess that last point can be blurred quite a bit in the blogosphere.

Anyways, the thought that came into my head over the weekend was this: anything worth sharing can’t be private. Bold people share: if it’s for the public good it should be public knowledge, right?  Well, I will go struggle with that a little longer… if anyone reads this, please give me your thoughts!

One Comment

  1. It’s true if “they” want to find you they will…so always stay true to yourself. OXO

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