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I decided on a photo printer at last! I had been bouncing back and forth between some of the more popular options I’d seen on  other folks project life supply list such as the Canon Selphy and other models similar to the one I selected. (Which can be found on Amazon, Canon PIXMA Printing Solutions MG7120)

Ultimately, these are the reasons I chose the Pixma over the Selphy:

1. Flexibility with photo size, can print larger than a 4 x6

2. Flexibility with photo paper, can use any photo paper.

3. It is multi-function, even though it’s not something I think I will use very often for just another 40 bucks, it’s a nice feature

Here are things I am not sure I will like…

1. Bigger footprint

2. I will primarily print 4×6 prints, there isn’t a dedicated print tray for this size paper

I just ordered it today along with some extra ink. It seems that no matter what printer I considered most of the reviews complained about Ink consumption. It seems to be par for the course when you print at home. It can’t possibly be worse than the Epson I had previously. Though, from the sounds of the reviews I read on that model (R260 or R620), just seemed to be the way it worked.

I’m not much for product reviews, and of course it’s not like I can do a side by side comparison with the Selphy, but I will let you know if it does the trick.


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