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Everything lately has become one big bitch fest. It’s like politics, only worse. Sometimes, in the workplace, you end up working with people FOREVER, a permanent term with your least favorite turd.  Some people love their jobs. Some people don’t work with me. Do they work with you? If so, I want to know where you work. I’d really, really, like to know.

To my left is Poet’s and Writers Magazine, and to my right- the daily grind. Who doesn’t wake up every morning wishing they were doing something else, something more fulfilling, more productive? Last night, after a long day at work, I threw the ball around for my little dog. This wasn’t just fun for her, but it meant not having to take her on a walk! Extreme laziness for me. After I ate my dinner, left over macaroni salad, I sat behind the computer until just after 9pm.  That makes for roughly 12 hours of computer time in one day. I need to detox.  I don’t see friends that often. I spend 90 % of my week at the office, ready to implode or impale someone. I need a mental health day, an exit strategy.  I’m going to the library today. It’s been on my to do list for a while. If I sit all day and then come home and sit some more, I am going to go absolutely stir crazy. I hereby ban myself from my couch.

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