productive weekend


If you know me, well then you know that by ‘productive weekend’ I mean that I have cleaned my desk yet again. This time I’ve been more liberal with my purging, keeping fewer and fewer items for nostalgic purposes. I threw away receipts dated from 2009. YES! 2009!  As I mentioned in my earlier post I will be having a cleaning lady come by and make things beautiful  but even I know she’s not a magician and cannot clean around clutter.

In other productive news, I delivered my first client her pics! I have made her and husband a very happy couple. In the midst of all the mayhem in my life I decided that I needed to pick a hard date for the deliverables or else life would continue to get in the way. Luckily my first client was also a life long friend. But I have learned a lot about how I want to conduct my business to make is smoother for me and for my clients. I guess this is the shit you don’t learn from someone else’s photography site! Staring at pics is great, but the business of photography is more than just pretty pictures. Though, really that is the best part about it!

This week I have a newborn shoot to do. I am really excited and a little nervous as this is my first newborn shoot. You can be sure I will share the finished pics here. I have been trying hard to get my website up and running but I can’t seem to find time to do it while I’m working. So for now, this remains the personal blog with spatters of photography shoots. Soon I will be able have things all in one place.

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