postpartum prep


As a first time mom to be I’m trying to ensure I’m prepared for the big day. I feel really fortunate that I’m having a baby in 2014 and not, for example, 2005 or some period of time where pinterest did not exist. In general, I’m happy that the internet has evolved so much and that I get to reap its benefits. That being said, I’d rather be shopping for purses or shoes than any thing required for “postpartum  care”. I can still remember the day I sent Schmidt this article I’d found on Pinterest about postpartum care, I had to ask if it was all true? Oddly enough for all the friends and family I know who have birthed numerous children, no one has ever talked about this. I don’t know if it scares me, to be honest… it hasn’t so far. I’m just glad I came across this information now so I can shop and plan for this stuff ahead of time. Clearly no one else was going to interrupt my bitchy 3rd trimester to tell me all about the fun that awaits me after! Let me find this pin for you…

Postpartum Care – scary but useful information

I think you deserve to see the picture (from site above) that scarred me for life…

The other articles I found were useful, but perhaps not as useful as this one. Basically it’s all a whole lot of “it gets worse before it gets better”. Perhaps the best information I got was more of an explanation of why it is that new mom’s don’t go around preaching about the woes of postpartum care: by then you have this beautiful little human to care for and all the discomforts in the world seem less uncomfortable that you can easily gloss over them and almost forget about them. Thanks Schmidt. You’re full of wonderful nuggets of wisdom.


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