post op appointment update


I got my bandage off today. So far everything is looking good post surgery. Just a little stiffness and some discomfort where the stitches are. I’ve been resting a lot. The more activity I do the more it bothers me though. So I’ve started taking aleve to see if that’s enough to take care of what pain I do get. The key for me has been taking it easy so I can heal.

Here’s a picture of my incision 6 days after surgery:


I’ve read a lot of horror stories about morton’s neuroma surgery on the Internet but have so far been fortunate. I haven’t had much in the way of crazy nerve pain just an occasional prick here or there but I’m sure things will mellow out as I recover. All in all it’s not bad for being 6 days post op. I figured I should mention this since I think rest is key here. Just because you can walk doesn’t mean you should. Take care of yourself first and listen to your body. The stuff you will read on the Internet will scare you make sure you pick a good doctor. If you’re in Florida I can make recommendation just leave me a message or reach out via twitter.

Next week I get my stitches out and will be able to drive again. Until then I’ll be resting with my foot up and trying to stretch my stiff muscles as much as possible. The toe most affected by the neuroma fills like a wooden peg, it’s so stiff but I am told this will get better. For now I am just glad I can get it wet and take a real shower. I’ll try and keep you posted about the foot and my progress. I’m sure it’s all very fascinating. Other than reading, it’s all I got going on right now.

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