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Why is it so difficult to stay productive? At home, that is… once 6pm hits and I head for home I abandon all my lists and plans. It’s not intentional of course, but it’s just what happens. Last night I was bummed out by my pooch and her girly problems bladder infection. So, I watched ‘Bones’ and chilled on the couch with my dinner and my dog. A nice cozy evening.  Tonight I abandon all promises of productivity. Instead, I will have a girls night with one of my favorite girls, the one, the only, the luringly cunning lingual: Leslie!! So, while not as productive as cleaning my house or doing laundry, I do hope to pick her brain regarding GRE study programs and graduate school ambitions. She is good for my brain.

Reading is also good for my brain and I wanted to update you on my current reading list:

I finished ‘Emma’ while on vacation and didn’t hate it. I wanted to read some Jane Austen since it seems I skipped it during my teens. Not sure why, but I suspect it’s my disdain for historical fiction. I don’t appreciate it as well as I should. In any case, this is the second Jane Austen novel I’ve read, and both left me feeling about the same. They take a lot of time telling me back story, back story, back story… and then somewhere towards the end she decides she has to wrap up all the lose ends and does so tidily, but without much finesse in my opinion. But I take into consideration that these are period pieces… completely Victorian. But it would do a lot of good if one of her novels could just end with a romp in the hay. I’m just sayin’! The other piece I read was ‘Mansfield Park.’  I finished it but I almost died.

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