I’m trying to pay homage to my life. It seems a little narcissistic to pay homage to myself but life’s been pretty amazing and I haven’t always given myself enough credit for that. Let’s face it, all too often we are consumed with our own shortcomings and failures to focus on the amazing things we’ve done. Well, at least that’s been the case for me. So, instead of focusing on the things I don’t have, or what I’m not happy with I’m going to focus on the things I’ve done so far and let them serve me for good. One of the best things I’ve done so far in my life is travel. Distant lands always fascinate and lure me! I’m not a nomad, I love a home base and the comfort of having a stable home. But there is a big part of me that likes to leap to far away places. My favorite far away land is Holland. I love how in a quick train ride you can go from country to metropolis, the air changes quickly from manure to petrol. It’s dizzying. I loved it. One moment dikes spotted with sheep, the next canals dotted with bikes.

It remains my favorite place on earth. At the time I didn’t know how to live, and so I didn’t experience it to it’s fullest. It remains in my bucket list of places I will experience again.

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