photography play ground


A while back I created a little light box for myself. There was not real purpose for this other than I wanted to learn how to take my own product photography and create those seamless white backgrounds. I’m a little closer now though it’s not quite right yet. It’s a little tough to find the right kind of lightbulbs, since you’re going for a nice natural ‘daylight’ type of light but out of a compact fluorescent. I finally had some success with EcoSmart brand compact fluorescent 100 watt bulbs. I still need two more shop lights and then the set up will be pretty close to perfect.  Here are some examples of the work today:

These all got tweaked a little bit in Aperture but as you can see still no crisp white background. I’ll have to keep searching the web for other great tips. I haven’t been showing my camera the love it deserves lately and I need to master it as some family and friends would like me to take their Christmas photos this year.  Practice makes perfect…better get to practicing.

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