photo bubbles


I had a little time to play around with my camera this afternoon so I took the opportunity to set up shop outside and try to capture some bubble blowing. I know, very mature right? This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time (and I will admit it will take some more practice) but haven’t because the logistics of blowing bubbles, and taking pictures at the same time baffled me. I did OK armed with a tripod and my remote. I came to realize exactly why people prefer the 50mm 1.4 lens. I didn’t get it until today. As I blew bubbles and my shutter couldn’t keep up with me I realized, ah, so this is what people are talking about. For most pictures shutter speed isn’t an issue, you’re not rushing to set up a shot etc. but even with just the limited frustration I experienced today I can see a 1.4 making its way into my arsenal soon.

Anyways, these are all SOOC except for the last one.

This one is my favorite especially the detail in the bubble!

sparkly bokeh!

I speak glitter.


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