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Considering my limited audience, this might be a somewhat rhetorical question. Is it possible to have a public blog/space where you share and connect with others while still maintaining privacy and perhaps some semblance of anonymity? I find myself somewhat caught in the middle between sheltering myself, not so much from strangers (oddly enough) but more so from people I actually know. I think this is a little sad. I work in the technology sector so I know how difficult it is to keep anything private. I like to share my feelings and thoughts, not everyone does and not everyone can handle people that do. And above all, how do you keep things honest all while trying to consider so many feelings?

Is all this rhetoric stemming from a fear of being judged for my point of view? Or perhaps the fear that really, I’m just not that interesting! Lol I don’t know, I guess that might be another rhetorical question. :) I think what I observe from blogs I love and blogs which I perceive to be successful (though how is this even measured anyways!), is that they are transparent, an open door if you will. You know, for example, a bloggers name (first and last in most cases), where they live (city state country), their profession (mostly creatives, designers/bloggers/fashion/food industry) and actual pictures of them!! I think it’s this transparency which allows them to be successful. Because we want to feel like we are participating (speaking as a reader) in someone’s life, even if just as an observer. We are at the very least, bearing witness. Anyways, this is just something I have been thinking about lately. No doubt the fact that I’m growing a little human gets me even more reflective on his topic. So how do you do it? How do you choose between social engagement and privacy? Can you have both?

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  1. I read your blogs :)

    You can share your blog posts via google+ to the circles you choose. just a thought.

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