perfect Saturday


First, the weather today was awesome. Unfortunately we didn’t spend anytime outside. My beloved finished some much needed painting and I washed and folded all the baby clothes I have purchased so far and separated them by sizes. I guess this is called nesting.
We have much more to do but hopefully enough time to get to all of the pressing projects.
The truth is that come June our house might see more visitors than usual and our time will be spent staring at this little baby and not finishing home improvement projects or embarking on new ones. So the time to get things finished is now. But what’ve really been longing for is a dip in the pool. Only glitch is that we don’t have a pool and neither do my sister or parents. So I’m out of luck. It’s probably been the one thing I have been consistently bitching about these last few weeks. Sorry my love. Anyways, I’m going to scratch that itch by heading to a water park in the near future. All this girl wants is a lazy river to float her around for a few hours.

I’m writing this from the gym where I have met my quota of cardio, 20 minutes should be enough right?! We will head off shortly to pick out a car seat and then head out to dinner. Overall a productive day!

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